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This Marble finish is loosely based on the marble floor it has a soft and soothing feel and helps break up a this wall and provides colour references to the floor and woodwork

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A fibreglass pilaster is painted with a subtle 'sienna' faux marble
Faux Marble on Pilasters, gilded capitals and the frieze has been stencilled using the classic 'greek key'

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Faux Marble Trompe L'oeil Panel 

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Architraves, Skirtings, Dados and Cornices provide an excellent surface to treat as marble it gives strenght and decorative focal point




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A high quality varnish finish helps with the illusionary effect.

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Applying faux marble to the wall in panels is a traditional method used very well om dado panels and bathroom especially, giving a cool classical feel, varnished to give waterproofing.
Wooden chimney piece 'Crema Valencia' faux Marble,  copying real marble can be the most successful.

Here a sample piece of the real marble was available making the process accurate.

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Green Isle marb sml.JPG (11243 bytes)


'Crema Valencia' again this time on a series of columns in a hotel lobby
Onyx style faux marble decorates this hall shelf which is host to an impressive array or litter of cats

This finish is highly glazed and very realistic a good example of where the 'faux' is used where the real material would be unavailable of cost prohibitive

Charlottes Quay hall table sml.JPG (17252 bytes)

This house was covered from head to toe in faux marble, walls and woodwork, creating a modern Roman palace in a small suburban semi!

Togas and Grapes required at this house warming I'd say!


New Work
This time the Marble is treated in a tradition way with the appearance of being set in Slabs. Gives a very grandiose/stately feel to this large living room.







An iron structural pole is treated to blend with the natural marble tiles on the walls and floor in this Jacuzzi/shower room